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BioShock: No Sound?

If you’re playing BioShock on Vista, you might run into the same problem I did – no sound. One thing you can try that worked for me is to run the game in Windows XP compatibility mode. You can enable compatibility mode by right-clicking on the executable, selecting Properties, clicking on the Compatibility tab in the resulting window, and checking the compatibility mode box shown below.

Bioshock Compatibility Mode

Note that you have to do this on the executable itself. Enabling compatibility mode via the desktop shortcut did not work for me.

As a sidenote – what’s the deal with the corporate logos that can’t be bypassed? By my watch, there are 23 seconds worth of logos that *I can’t skip* each time I start the game. Maybe it’s not such a big deal, but it sure was annoying when I was trying to figure out how to get sound going.

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  1. Vlad

    Thanks a lot. It worked for me.

  2. Bob

    By my watch, there are 23 seconds worth of logos that I can’t skip each time I start the game.

    Use the -nointro command in the command line for the exe and you can skip right to the menu. Reducing load time to around 5 to 10 seconds.

  3. Double Parity


    Thanks for the tip!

  4. Thanks: this fixed me up too; I wasn’t getting sound either.

    As for the -nointro command (and since this post was specifically discussing Vista) you can add it to the shortcut in your Games folder so that it appears when you right click the shortcut (or even make it the default launch target). Just right click the link and choose customize then add the following as the browse location (include the quotes, you also might have to adjust the directory structure if you installed in a different location):

    “C:\Program Files\2K Games\BioShock\Builds\Release\Bioshock.exe” -nointro

    You can add in the -dx9 command too if you prefer (or create a second link with both) then put them in the desired order on the list. The first item will be the default action and will always be called Play.

    It’s not that intuitive but if you tinker you’ll find the best setting for your system. Now you’ll never see the intro movies again.

  5. matt byrne

    god. no good.

    still not working.

    the -nointro is good though. But whats the use cant play the game with no sound.

    VERY annoyin.

  6. matt byrne

    ok. run STEAM in xp comp. mode.

    sound working now.


  7. Insider

    Very nice. First game that I can play in Diretx10 mode and no sound. :o(

  8. Anonymous

    thanks so much man!!!! worked like a charm!

  9. wuzz

    it works on me..
    thx dude..awsome

  10. Zteve

    Try this. Worked for me.

    Realtek & Windows Vista Troubleshooting

    In some cases you may encounter stuttering sound or no sound at all when playing Bioshock with a combination of Windows Vista and Realtek onboard sound. To ensure the best possible sound performance from your system when playing Bioshock, please follow the steps below:

    – Ensure you are running the latest Realtek drivers, these can be downloaded from Realtek directly via Realtek. Alternatively your motherboard manufacturer will also be able to provide up to date drivers.

    Note: If you are encountering any other issues with your sound or if you are in doubt as to what software you need then please contact your motherboard manufacturer prior to installing any driver software.

    – Enable Stereo mixing, to do this browse to Start > Control Panel > Sound (in classic view). Once done switch to the Recording tab which will show the currently active inputs on your system (e.g. Line in, Microphone). Right click in the clear space below these devices and select the option for Show disabled devices. This should show an additional device called Stereo mixing, right click on this device and select Enable.

  11. Check out my blog post on the same thing and how I got it working in vista with my creative sound card.

  12. what is a executable?
    and how do u find it for bioshock?

  13. bobberman2000

    Now that is funnY! Whats an executable! And where can I find it! O dear, that brought a smile to my face.

  14. anonymous

    C:\Program Files\2K Games\BioShock\Builds\Release
    it’s the file of type “application”

  15. Maq

    for Me worked “windows 2000″ comapatibility

  16. thanks that worked for me too. Does anyone know whether that loses any graphic/audio quality? I doubt it, but just want to know what others think.

  17. bill


  18. Robert

    Thanks for the info and tips about xp compatability mode and teh no intro. They worked for me :)

    I am loving this game too by the way :)

  19. kg

    Im running xp and it didn’t work for me. Still no sound and I can’t find the stereo mixing thing for my realtek card. Since I’m running xp I think I may not have it. if you got a solution let me know at –

  20. Locksmith

    Thanks! It works great. and -nointro is usefull too

  21. Ghost

    – Enable Stereo mixing, to do this browse to Start > Control Panel > Sound (in classic view). Once done switch to the Recording tab which will show the currently active inputs on your system (e.g. Line in, Microphone). Right click in the clear space below these devices and select the option for Show disabled devices. This should show an additional device called Stereo mixing, right click on this device and select Enable.

    This was all I had to do and it worked perfectly,

    Shot a lot dude, u rock!

  22. Ionium

    Thanks for that game was driving me crazy with no sound. Agree with the cut scene logos bit annoying but most games nowadays have them just wish they would give us the option to turn the suckers off, Assassins Creed is a nightmare to play because of them.

  23. matt

    that solved my problem. thanks a bunch!

  24. Kirk D.

    Another thankful gamer here.
    (BTW, I’m using Steam and only had to mess with the Bioshock exe, not Steam for some reason.)

  25. jake g.

    ok so i was did the xp svc pk 2 and applied the settings then ran the game. the screen went black and the computer wasw busy working (the lil red light was flickering on and off non stop) and then that light stopped and the screen stayed black….. what does that mean guys?

  26. jake g.

    thank you!! finally it worked!!!

  27. Avinash

    yes, the stereo settings method works flawlessly without the xp compatibility…thanks

  28. used the stereo mixing method on vista, works fine now, thx!

  29. lol

    press the number keypad enter bypass logos

  30. jose


  31. jake

    i love you
    the games no fun silent

  32. Thanx a lot man !!!!

  33. Chris

    The Stereo Mixing worked perfectly thanx…my son says you rock

  34. Greg

    I bought this game on steam for $4.99! I enabled the stereo mixing and now the sound works great, thanks so much. I’ll have to replay the opening now, I played most of the first part without sound…

  35. Ryan

    well ive tried the xp compatability thing
    that brought me from no sound to crackly awful terrible death in my ear sound.
    its not the speakers because ive changed them they all did the same
    i tried the stereo mixer that didnt work
    i tried getting the latest drivers from realtek and i couldnt figure out their site
    so if someone can help me get the drviers that’d be excellent
    or if you can figure out why its doing that even better

  36. JM


    Thanks! Your advice regarding the Realtek card worked for my son’s set up, we didn’t have to use compatibility mode.

  37. Ben

    Thanks, worked a charm for me. like kevin said does it cause any graphics/audio loss. doesnt running in xp compatibility mode disable dx10 because dx10 is only vista compatible?, i sure hope not.

  38. Zazabar

    I also have xp and can’t find a stereo mixing option for my SB Live card. 2k can’t even help me.

  39. Easwar

    Thank you so much for the Stereo Mixing. It worked like a charm.

  40. boldstar

    alright it works! after i update my audio codec..and try the compability.
    thanks a lot!

  41. Tanaka


  42. Tom

    Thx ZSteve!! No other method worked!

  43. doode

    How do i get into the executable, im really newb

  44. Slanted

    Sterio Mixing worked perfect for me in Vista Ultimate x64

  45. Snaers

    No Stero Mixing for me only line in and Microphone, help anyone?

  46. Snaers

    Also whats the name of the newest Realtek driver?

  47. AK

    There seem to be different solutions for different PCs. For me the only thing that worked was plugging in a microphone. Read this on another blog and was very dubious but it worked. Assume it must be related to the Stereo mixing fix.

  48. veritas175

    So i had no sound on my game, typed in somethin like “Bioshock support no sound” this was the number one site on there, and it worked first time!! so awesome, thanks man.
    but i don’t get how to skip the intro logos. where do you type “-nointro”?

  49. Atwooooood

    I was able to get the sound to work by doing the XP compatability mode, but now the game is “Not Responding” when i try and make it go full screen. It will only work in Windowed mode. Anyone else have this problem?

  50. Spiticus

    I’ve done EVERYTHING you could possibly find to do to fix the sound. Stereo mixing, updated realtek drivers, updated directx, changed the options (EAX and reverb), other stuff I can’t remember now….

    Still nothing. On top of that, the game only occasionally loads fully. Other times it hangs on the black screen (I’ve also looked that up and tried everything I could find too).

    Anyone know what the hell is going on here? Using Vista U 64-bit

  51. Paul Westerman

    I had this on my Dell XPS. Read somewhere that you need to enable a disabled audio device, but I had no disabled ones. At it seems that it wants an active audio input, all I did was plug in the mic on my headset. Bingo, worked first time. I don’t have EAX but I’ve got reverb enabled and I’m running it on Vista (32) without XP compatibility.

    Hope this helps someone.
    Cheers, Paul

  52. dgsinclair

    Running vista 64. I get the sound to work, but it keeps reverting back to original screen size, and crashes every time I try to get it up to widescreen size.

    When I had no sound, I could adjust the graphics up. Argh!

  53. dgsinclair

    well, when i added the -dx9 it worked, but it thought that my 8800 gts was dx10 compatible. hmmm.

  54. Thanks works now, damn Vista crap. ^.^

  55. Guys, just in case anyone’s looking, using Windows 7 RC x86, using compatibility mode for “Windows 2000″ worked perfect with sound and video!!

  56. dre-22

    who have real tek on board ?
    so in windows vistas (64) goto /start /konfigu /sound /record /stereomix /abel/.
    in game go to /
    opsions / sound /use reverb off /use creative eax off audio /than restard. game.

    ok and vga is ….

    vga / turn win background to ( 1024×768.depends of jour pc) to 16 bits .
    in the game in enything jou wand end kan do whit jour pc .
    sorry vor my poor lengwitsh ha ha lol .
    i hoope enywan have some good ad this .
    my pc con fig is …..
    aser aspire whit a/ i7 procecor / 6 ghz onboard memddr3 /1ghrdati radeon ddr3 vga / and / 1000gig hd /for me it workt !!.
    so i hoope eny wan have somthing from this .afz dre

  57. roch

    Enable Stereo mixing, to do this browse to Start > Control Panel > Sound (in classic view). Once done switch to the Recording tab which will show the currently active inputs on your system (e.g. Line in, Microphone). Right click in the clear space below these devices and select the option for Show disabled devices. This should show an additional device called Stereo mixing, right click on this device and select Enable.

    WooT! worked like a charm, navigating through that menu I also disabled “PC speaker” that generated that annoying buzz whenever I moved my mouse and literally could hear cpu working, now it is gone, for that it is mayor tweak of today! šŸ˜€

    vista 64bit sp1 (damn small vista) asus M4A79 deluxe.

    Thanks a lot ZTEVE, U a live saver.

  58. jago

    Thanks it work

  59. Woa

    Worked for me too! Thanks alot m8, you have saved many lives!

  60. Ben

    What worked for me: Bioshock.exe properties, compatibility mode set to Windows 2000.

  61. someone

    Thanks works great :)

  62. Nikolaj

    No, running in compatability mode doesn’t work. And I can’t believe they still hasn’t fixed that game – never been able to play et with sound.

  63. Greg

    Stereo mixing does the job. (running in xp compactibility crashes the game on higher resolutions for me.)

    Thanks alot!

  64. Beth

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  65. Matheus

    you saver my life! ;D hehehe

  66. Iluminatus xD

    to me happens a different thing the game starts and the logos and the menu itself have sound but the actual game doesn’t…

  67. Thiago26792

    Enabling the Stereo Mixing made it work for me. Thanks a bunch!

  68. Tristan

    My problem is like everyone else’s except worse…

    I am running Windows 7 RC (build 7100) (and all my hardware is easily good enough) and I too have no sound when running it normally in dx9 and 10. I have a realtek on-board audio chip and I tried to download the latest driver from realtek but there website is a bunch of shit and the downloads don’t work. I have also tried the ‘Stereo mixing’ method but when I ‘show disabled devices’ nothing more shows up…I also get sound when running in windows 2000 compatibility mode directly from the .exe but it is forced at to run at some awful resolution and freezes after a few minutes of gameplay… No other compatibility mode like xp works as the game doesn’t even start up. The whole thing is one massive cock up. The only method I haven’t tried is plugging in a mic but unfortunately I do not have one.

  69. Tristan

    Never mind…I found a microphone and plugged it in and the game works perfectly. I guess at least one solution works per person.

  70. Eddie

    Thanks, it works! But now i don’t think I’m in DX10. Oh well.

  71. gregb7677

    Followed the “stereo mixing” instructions and everything works fine now!

    Win 7 RC 64-bit


  72. Foss da Boss

    Hey, instead of changing the compatability while in win 7… just try and update direct x. It worked for me.

  73. Patente

    Yeah thanks a lot mate.
    It works for me.
    You’re my hero…:)

  74. kenzy

    I have vista (32) and had two monitors. I unpluged one of them and the sound came back for me.

  75. JJ

    Plugging in a microphone worked for me when none of the other options here did. I’m using Windows 7 with an Asus MB with integrated sound and a Radeon 4850.

  76. Jim Beam

    Vista 64 Ultimate here with Realteck sound drivers. Sterio mixing work perfect. Thanks, you da man!

  77. Radovan

    Plugged in microphone and it worked. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

  78. Bede

    yeah i’m on windows 7, and the sound didnt work after the intro, so i did wot u sed with the compatibility mode and now when i run the program it says bioshock, than it just has a black screen, i press ctrl alt delete and it says bioshock is not responding!

  79. Hanomag

    Plugging in microphone worked for me, Windows 7 32bit RC

  80. Dayton

    For anyone that this doesn’t work for, you might be doing it to the shortcut. Just open your start menu and there’s a search bar, type in “bio” and it’ll be right at the top. right click it and then follow his instructions, it’s really simple

  81. Trampboy931

    This worked for me… but now i get a weird sound stuttering effect. :S

    Anyone else get this?

  82. ScorpiaBCN

    “Enable Stereo mixing, to do this browse to Start > Control Panel > Sound (in classic view). Once done switch to the Recording tab which will show the currently active inputs on your system (e.g. Line in, Microphone). Right click in the clear space below these devices and select the option for Show disabled devices. This should show an additional device called Stereo mixing, right click on this device and select Enable.” => That worked for me too. Thank you very much ZTEVE!!! šŸ˜‰

  83. mobias

    ok, i have vista ultimate 64-bit, and have a creative x-fi titanium. i right click on the recording tab, and there is no such entry ‘stereo mixing’ ! i only have microphone, microphone FP (Whatever this is) digital -in, and ‘what u hear’ whatever that is.
    why am i the only one with this question? the other funny thing i notice, is the EAX option in the ingame menu doesn’t highlight [allow you to select] either yes or no…like it can’t detect the hardware or something. i think vista is f’ed, this just makes me want to get win7 even faster.

  84. i’m running windows 7 and putting in my microphone solved the problem.. kind of weird but hey šŸ˜‰
    thanks for the advice

  85. Finagle

    Plugged in the microphone, sound now working. Next time, it started in Windowed mode. Tapped Alt-Enter until it went back to full screen.

  86. poonog

    I LOVE YOU!!! the stereo mixing thing worked…thank god for forums.

  87. Miguel

    tnx works like charm

  88. marco

    Not working in windows 7 ultimate. Right clicking on recorder devices… shows no stereo mixing.
    Still no sound. Also in all compatibility modes.

  89. marco

    Update: plugged a headphones stereo jack in the microphone port and now works without any different change!!! Crazy thing!

  90. Jaron

    Fuck compatibility go into control panel make sure its in classic mode its easier to spot in cp>sound>recording tab>Sterio mix right click on that an enable. cheers compatibility mode just makes your sound sound well.. terrible. Okay if you are having problems email me at

  91. robert

    tnx a lot!

  92. Grant

    Thanks so much. I’m running Windows 7 64bit and running it in XP Service Pack 2 compatibility worked like a charm.

    Happy New Year.

  93. twister

    thanks i sovled my by running the program in comptibility with xp service pk2 i still can’t get the sound to work with realtek and vista 32bit

  94. OneRound

    I tried every single thing I could found on the internet and still there is no sound. I have sound in menus but when I start the game its all silent.
    Running windows 7 x64 with realtek hd audion on abit mobo.
    I tried compatibility, latest drivers, enabled audio mix and CD audio,…
    Nothing is working for me and it sucks big time!

  95. Vlad

    Thanks so much. Iā€™m running Windows 7 64bit and running it in Windows 2000 compatibility worked like a charm.

  96. DRecon

    Tried WinXP SP2 compatibility AND Stereo Mixing with Realtek.
    None of them have worked. Does anyone have another suggestion?

  97. mcouthon

    Plugging in a Mic did it for me. Quite a ridiculous problem (and solution) if I might say so. Cheers mates!

  98. Windows 7

    Windows 7 no sound after intro i didnt have a mic to plug in so I disabled my mic jack on my PC and viola worked like a charm.

  99. BioTIBS

    Zteve, thanks a lot – may well be over 2 years later but that’s just helped me a treat @ enable stereo mixing =) Slight prob still with it being crackly though but better that than no sound at all šŸ˜€

  100. PETE

    I have updated my nvidia driver, and direct x. the game says “bioshock stiopped working…” if I add -nosound to the executable it works.

    I am on windows 7, rocketfish, and I don’t have stereo mix under my disabled devices. the only suggestion I have not tried it plugging in a microphone but I don’t own one. sigh.

    oh and compability mode xp service pack 3 did not work nor 2000

  101. PETE

    update: plugged headphones into microphone jack…instead of logo and crash it was logo then black screen.

  102. Ross

    I had issues with both crashing and no sound. Until I ran it in compatibility mode, Xp service pack 2 and vista service pack 2.

    For the no sound issue I tried about everything I could til I figured it out while messing with my audio settings.

    Start -> Control panel -> Sound
    In sound i had multiple items in the Playback tab. I had to set my headphones as Default. and it worked.

    Hope this helps anyone who has had issues as well

  103. Wozzy

    umm, what if the game worked just fine at first, with sound and all, then suddenly it just stopped putting out audio? the game boots and the menu has audio but as soon as the game starts the audio stops…

  104. Wozzy

    Update: i updated audio drivers now game doesn’t boot at all in any compatibility mode.

  105. DiscoBitch

    @Zteve – nice one! That worked for me. On, vista; there was sound on the menu but not in-game. I enabled stereo mixing via Control Panel as you suggesting and now I have sound in-game. Sorted!

  106. Sean

    I get no sound and the game runs fine in non-compatibility. When I set it to XP SP 2, nothing runs, the game doesn’t start. Any Ideas? šŸ˜€

  107. AlienOrigin

    Hi. My brother bought Bioshock way back then, but our old computer wasn’t up to run it. Resently, I bought a new one (with windows 7, 64 bit), installed Bioshock and told him to come over soon. You can just imagine my wrath, when I found out my computer didn’t get those (censored) game sounds to work. With any other than win 2000 compatibility the damn thing gave me only black screen and “not responding”…

    Then I found this forum, did the stereo mixing thing and today sounds seemed to work just fine. With my bad english I say thank you for the help.

  108. Worked for me. Had to revert to vista after my windows 7 disk for one of my dells didn’t activate on the other. Oh well. Vista, again. Thanks for the fix!

  109. mattias

    hi everybody out there i found out how to fix the game and im showing it in my video on youtube

  110. Alex

    Thanks for this solution. Gonna finish Bioshock n then continue wif Bioshock 2 šŸ˜€

  111. AdY

    ThX…:D! ThX a Lot!:D!…

  112. Arcagh

    Thx! I’m running Win 7 and also experienced no in-game sound. Switched to Win XPSP2 comp & all sorted! MUCH APPRECIATED!!

  113. Johnny

    Thank you so much. I had the same problem as ARCAGH, but used Win XPSP3. Awesome game.

  114. Gabriel

    FINALLY! plugged a microphone and it worked (well I just plugged a pair of headphones in the microphone šŸ˜› lol

    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, 1900*1080, HD 4850

    finally got this bitch to work xD

  115. Tony

    Cheers for the realtek sound fix, Zteve, you saved my lass a lot of sweary words lol, so she thanks you also šŸ˜‰ Thanks.

  116. Thanks very much, now, game is more intresting XD

  117. Saphiire

    If your getting a black screen switch compatibility to windows 2000 :)
    Thanks for all the help everyone else :) Love this game!

  118. Yossarian

    Dude, I love you.

  119. Matt

    Rather than entering the -nonintro command, you can just middleclick during the opening sequence and it skips everything but the nvidia intro.

  120. arismendy64

    No sound RealTek and windows 7 fixed!

    I`ve finaly found a way of getting sound without the XP sp2 compatibility work around.
    Just do the following:
    Control panel>Hardware And Sound>Sound>right click inside white box and click show disabled devices>click the recording tab>right click the one thats disabled (stereo mix or CD audio both work) and enable it

  121. Klabele01

    Nothing above works for me. I have win7 64 bit. When I go to control panel>sound>right click in the box… I dont even have stereo mix or CD audio. I know I am doing it right because I have done that before with XP. I only have “speakers”digital audio (S/PDIF)” and “Digital Audio (HDMI)”. The worse part is “-no sound” worked for me a month ago and now i reinstalled windows and it doesnt. Anyone have anymore ideas? I tried every compatability mode thats offered all the way down to windows 98. Nothing works. I have updated drivers also.

  122. Jan

    If sound doesn’t work in Xp compatibility mode then set it to win 2000, and to get dx10 to work just create a shortcut and ad ” -dx10″ to the target area in properties.Don’t know if dx10 is really on but it say it is

  123. Jan

    Im running on win 7 64 bit with patch installed and im using a no-cd crack cuz iv got no internet for activation at home and woks 100%

  124. Tony

    plugging in a jack to my mic port worked for me thanks :)

  125. feli

    First, I had no sound. I tryed the Realtek-Thing and it’s working – but now, the game crashes every time. I’m coming to the main menu, but when I try to load my save or start a new game, it just crashes.
    Compatibility mode did not work, because then it crashes even before I reach the menu.
    I using Win7, guess that’s the problem. Any ideas what to do?

  126. guigui

    oh thanks, now I can hear!
    try windows 2000 compatibility


    Worked! thanks

  128. joony

    works with 64 bit windows 7 pro. thanks.

  129. It is unnecessary. You have to simply enable “Stereo mixer” in Windows 7.

    Rright click on speaker on main panel and open devices for recording.
    Then right click and show disabled devices. Then Stero mixer appears. Then right clik and enable it. Done.

    If this doesn’t help then try comaptibility mode.

  130. Ryan

    thanks alot 2 all the guys who helpd .compatibility, stereo mixing and that silly thing about the mic “actually world” thanks alot my international game rebels …shouts all the way from South Africa.

  131. Julian

    Well it worked for me thanks a lot. I thought I was gonna cry when I lost the sound after the Intro! Thanks buddy!

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